Apartment hunting is never an easy process. After weeks of visiting multiple apartments and townhouses, figuring out what amenities you want (basketball courts to hot tubs, anyone?), and sorting out any lease problems or financial arrangements that may be necessary, you finally have an apartment that’s ready for you and your pup. To be honest, finding pet friendly apartments is the hard part — now, all you need to do is make sure you do everything possible to make the space safe and comfortable for your furry friend. Here are a few tips for achieving that goal.

  • Establish a routine. Animals are like babies: they learn better when there’s a consistent daily routine to abide by. Make sure you feed them and let them out at the same time every day. If they haven’t been potty trained yet, take them outside after every meal: the consumption of food and water tend to get the ball rolling internally if you know what we mean — you’ll be able to train them quicker by letting them out after they eat. Consider using a specific word or phrase as well, teaching them to let you know when they have to go.


  • Dog-proof everything! Pets are like babies, even the fully grown ones; if left alone for long enough, they’re going to get into stuff that could potentially harm them physically (or you emotionally). Make sure all garbage is tucked away and out of reach to prevent nosey little noses from discovering the secrets they contain, in addition to any items your pooch might take a liking to if your pup has a history of chewing on shoes, make sure yours are well out of reach.


  • Keep plenty of supplies on hand. This includes emergency supplies like stain and odor removers as well as lots of toys. Bored pups are dangerous pups: by keeping them constantly occupied (which means frequent walks and time allotted specifically for play), you can reduce the risk that they’ll wreak havoc.

There are around 42.58 million houses occupied by renters in the U.S., and a good chunk of those are composed of pet friendly apartments. By abiding by these few tips, your pup will love the new place as much as you do!