We all know how stressful moving into luxury apartments or townhouses can be. But why not throw a party to make the process a lot smoother?

Moving parties are a great way to get help packing while spending time with your friends and family. So, how does someone throw a successful moving party? Here’s what you need to know.

Figure Out What Kind of Moving Party You Want to Host

Before you invite your friends over to help you, you need to figure out what kind of party you want to host. Are you going to need help with packing? Could you use the time to help take things off of walls? Figuring this out will help you decide who you’re going to invite and determine all other details. These types of parties don’t typically require a lot of heavy lifting or moving things up and down stairs. Because of this, more people are likely to attend.

Don’t Worry About Party Decor

Since this type of party isn’t really a time for you to kick back with a glass of wine, don’t worry about decorating your home. The purpose of the party is to get everything packed and put away to make the day of the move easier. If you have streamers and balloons hanging up everywhere, you’re just going to have to pack them away at the end of the night. Wouldn’t it make more sense to not have them up at all?

Give Everyone a Job

Making sure everyone has a job during the party is key. It would be pointless for someone to just stand around your apartment doing nothing. Plus, they might be in the way if they’re just hanging around. Before your friends and family come over, make a list of the tasks that need completing and assign one to each guest.

Feed Your Guests

To thank your guests for all of their hard work, buy a pizza and some beverages. You might even be able to use food and drinks as a bribe to get people to come over and help. Have snacks readily available so your friends can eat when they start to feel a little grouchy.

At least 42.58 million housing units are occupied by renters in the United States. So chances are your friends and family have rented a place in the past and know what it’s like to move. To get them over to your current home to help, host a moving party. Just be sure to have enough tasks for everyone to complete and to reward your guests with sustenance.