executive apartments for leaseRichard Wilbur III is demonstrating the power of hard work as his Internet technology business booms in his hometown of Charleston, West Virginia. Having poured his blood, sweat, and tears into his IT firm, Advantage Technology, he can now reap the benefits. A recent article posted on the Fairmont News site (a subset of WV News) recounted his hard-won rise to success.

From Humble Beginnings to Unhindered Growth

Like many great tech entrepreneurs, Wilbur started his tech company from his own bedroom 17 years ago. He believes his unceasing dedication to those first few clients helped him thrive:

“I think a lot of it, back in those days was because I worked more than my competitors did… I was working until 10 or 11 o’clock at night every single day and night for years. Eventually customers appreciated the work, the reputation followed and I got another customer and another customer and eventually I was able to move out of the house.”

Since those early days, Advantage Technology has grown significantly — from 32 employees in 2015 to over 80 today. Wilbur’s new employees (which he gains at a rate of about two to five per month) bring new clients with them, expanding the business’s reach organically. With business booming for Wilbur, he plans on using his success to help West Virginia as a whole by creating more jobs and drawing people from across the country who can contribute to the growth of the Mountain State.

“Our intent is to continue to grow here and do whatever we can do to make West Virginia even better.”

What This Means For Almost Heaven, West Virginia

If Wilbur’s dream is successful, more businessmen and innovators from around the country will be flocking to John Denver’s paradise. The growth of Charleston will develop exponentially, as these professionals will need places to live, eat, and shop. With 42.58 million housing units in the United States currently occupied by renters, there’s a good chance that these men and women will be interested in renting. Often, when professionals relocate or visit an area for business, finding executive apartments for lease is a top priority.

Success draws success, and these newcomers will want luxury apartments and townhouses that match their lifestyle. Many executive apartments for lease offer extensive amenities, from swimming pools to basketball courts and fitness centers.

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