Luxury condos and executive apartments typically come with many amenities. For example, they usually include a washer and dryer, a dishwasher, and a parking spot. But along with the in-house amenities, the community amenities can either make or break a living space.

When it comes to finding a place you’re going to feel comfortable living in, look for somewhere that has people around the same age as you. If you’re a young professional, you’ll enjoy being around people who are at the same point of life as you are. If you’re raising a family, look for a community that offers a child-friendly vibe with playgrounds, bike paths, and trails. If you’re older than 55, look for a space that supports your active adult lifestyle.

Look for a community that will mesh well with your lifestyle. In a recent survey from Apartment Guide, 60% of property managers cited pools and fitness centers as one of their tenants’ top three most desired amenities.

If your hobbies include going to basketball games with your friends and family, look for a community that offers state-of-the-art basketball courts. Not only will you get to play a little ball, but you may be able to form a team with your neighbors. You can also invite outside basketball teams to come in and play on your basketball courts if you prefer to watch instead of play.

Not only is it important for you to feel comfortable in the home you’re thinking of moving into, it’s also key that you feel comfortable within the community. Look for somewhere that will fit your age group and where you are in life, a place that will cater to your hobbies, and a place that will mesh perfectly with your lifestyle.