Too often in life, people settle for less than they deserve and certainly less than they’ve earned. They order a salad instead of a steak, date a jerk instead of a prince, and take a job they hate rather than search for one that fills them with passion. When it comes to your home — a place to rest and recuperate, that is supposed to make you feel safe and relaxed — you shouldn’t ever settle.

Whether you’re touring luxury apartments or townhomes, there are certain amenities that should always be included and available for your use. Here are four of them.

Pet-friendly area: Fur babies are still our babies, so pet-friendly living communities are extremely popular. Even better, you should try to find one that offers a turf pet park with agility toys for your pups — they’ll be getting some much-needed exercise!

Grilling station: Along with fire pits, grill stations are as practical as they are calming. If you decide you want a peaceful place to hang out with friends while dinner sizzles quietly behind you, finding a living community that offers such services is crucial. Take the stress out of buying and managing your own grill.

Green space: This is a pretty versatile category, varying from forested hiking trails to beautifully tended parks. Whatever your pleasure, the green space is an absolute must. If you don’t have a clean, natural area to escape from the busyness and toxicity of daily life (especially if you work in a city), you’ll go crazy eventually!

Comprehensive fitness amenities: Fortunately, around 60% of property managers cite fitness centers as one of their tenant’s top three most desired amenities, so you’re almost guaranteed to find this option available no matter where you go. However, 24-hour access is preferred — you should have the freedom and flexibility to go to the gym on your schedule.

Life is difficult enough without having to be unhappy with your living situation. Skip the stress and treat yourself to what you deserve: a community with all of the luxuries life has to offer.