There’s no shame in being a little picky with your next apartment. It should be working for you, after all. Not against you.


This can mean having basketball courts to keep your children busy or a series of pet friendly apartments that can accommodate your animals. There are plenty of wonderful, accessible apartment complexes available today for you to enjoy. More and more Americans are packing their bags and seeking out greener pastures, whether that means more amenities for them to take advantage of during the workweek or just a different state with different people.


Here are some of the more commonly sought amenities out there, from pet friendly apartments to apartments with pools.


Did You Know?


You’re not the only one sensing the winds of change in the distant. A recent study provided by Harvard’s Joint Center For Housing Studies projected over four million new renters over the course of the next decade. More people are becoming dissatisfied with their surroundings and seeking a change in pace. Another survey found more than 50% of renter respondents considering renting as a better addition to their day-to-day living. Whatever reason you’re considering apartments for rent, put your needs first and foremost.


Pet Friendly Apartments


Some apartment complexes just don’t accept pets. You deserve to find pet friendly apartments that are accommodating to your cat or dog. The ones that do accept your furry friends often expect a small down payment or fee in advance, though the actual number can fluctuate greatly depending on the location and how many animals you have in your care. The United States boasts over 42 million housing units today. It all boils down to comparing and contrasting until one comes out on top.


24-Hour Fitness Center


Alongside pet friendly apartments some of the most commonly requested amenities are locations to get fit or relax. If this sounds like a perfect fit for you, you’re in luck. Many apartments today boast a state-of-the-art gym with everything you need to work up a sweat. A recent Apartment Guide survey found over 60% of property managers citing pools and fitness centers as their most desired additions. A fitness center will be staffed with modern exercise equipment like treadmills and pull stations.


Grilling Area With Fire Pit


Perhaps you want to look into a luxury apartment that has even more than the average model. You want amenities that encourage family gatherings and fun weekends on top of more practical additions like fitness centers or pet accommodations. A grilling area can be a place for you to flex your cooking muscles and host get-togethers. A recent study found at least 25% of rental residents today are renters by choice, rather than with limitations in their budget.


Playground And Basketball Courts


Your apartment complex should be just as enjoyable as it is peaceful and secure. This means a playground for your very young children and a basketball court for your teenagers. Apartment complexes are carefully maintained and cleaned on a regular basis, which means you don’t have to worry about filthy environments negatively impacting your child. They are also a great middle ground when you need to stay home but still want to keep a close eye on your children as they get out in the sun. Apartment amenities may take a while to sort out…


…but you’ll be glad you did. Which apartment will suit you best?