America is known for encouraging citizens to forge their own fortunes. History shows countless examples of men and women picking themselves up by their bootstraps, out of poverty, and into wealth using nothing but sheer force of will and determination. The displays of that wealth inspired others to attempt the same for a taste of success.

The U.S. has come quite far in terms of economic fortune: as more people slip into higher educated, higher paying positions, luxury apartments have flooded the housing market — and those numbers are expected to rise! A Harvard study predicts that 4 million new renters will crop up in the next 10 years.

Apartments are considered luxury if life gets better and/or easier through the amenities offered: hot tubs, 24-hour fitness centers, even smart home systems can take a nice apartment to the luxurious level. And while those things are fantastic and certainly something to strive for if you don’t live in a luxury apartment, they have nothing on the luxury apartments of India.

If you’ve seen the movie Crazy Rich Asians, you may have some idea what we’re referring to. They don’t simply have a hot tub and workout center, they have concierge services, connections with high-quality hotels, top-tier security details, and only the latest and greatest technology available is allowed.

The Pacific-Asian region has always been at the forefront of scientific and technological innovations. As our society comes to rely on both more and more, engineering and tech startups are cropping up in these resource- and research-rich areas. Take Gurgaon in Dehli: it is one of the cities that houses the maximum share of luxury units (priced above $278,000), mostly due to its popularity with Fortune 500 companies. As these successful companies take off and become million- and billion-dollar businesses, their employees want nothing but luxury to go home to.

However, even extravagance has to have a limit. We are fortunate in the U.S. to have such space to branch and spread out into. Gated communities provide an easier, more relaxing way of life without becoming completely disconnected and removed from the surrounding communities.