As the saying goes, home is where the heart is, truly. It is also where the bank balance is, too. Housing is undoubtedly one of the most significant expenses in life. Here are 5 reasons to consider renting an apartment instead of owning a home.

Renting is Less Stressful Than Home Ownership

In an apartment, rent is paid on a regularly scheduled basis by the renter, and repairs and upkeep are primarily the responsibility of the owner. In fact, those who would rather live in an apartment instead of a house—known as ‘renters by choice’—actually totaled 25% in a recent survey.

Renting Has Great Versatility

A rental complex is a building or buildings with residences that are not individually owned. Instead, a renter pays the owner to reside in the apartment. Maintenance of the common areas, such as roofs, hallways, yards etc., is the financial responsibility of the owner of the property, not the renter. This is wonderfully convenient for a wide variety of individuals. It is especially convenient for executive apartments, for instance, where the unit is not occupied by the same person on a routine basis; but rather, may be used to host various guests and visitors.

Renting Is Available in a Wide Variety of Styles and Options

Every rental complex is different, offering apartments of different sizes and styles. One is able to find a simple place, or a luxury apartment, depending on one’s requirements. And of course, since not all rental units are owner-occupied, a unit could possibly be sublet, depending on the rules of the rental agency. A unit can be basic and serviceable or, a luxury apartment can be a breathtaking experience. Luxury apartments and townhomes have many custom features in the units.

Renting Offers Attractive Amenities and Features

Quite often, the common areas of a luxury apartment can be lavish. Options might include nice floral arrangements, concierge service, a gazebo grilling area with fire pit, hot tub, walking trails, an infinity pool, swimming pool and perhaps a fitness center. The definition of luxury depends on the preferences of the individual renter. The property managers said that of all the amenities requested by their clients, pools and fitness centers were in the top three spots.

Good Reception

In this age of the Internet, good reception is important to 98% of prospective renters according to a survey conducted in 2015. This same survey reported that mobile connectivity was tested by 53% of residents during their apartment tour. Of these individuals, 68% say that where they live at the moment offers great coverage. Clearly, this is a major consideration to those considering apartment rental.

What is the takeaway here? Clearly, there is no doubt that buying a home is still a major part of the American dream. However, with time, other options for finding a home of one’s own have evolved. The idea of apartment rental and living in a luxury apartment might be a great alternative to consider the next time you’re ready to make the move to a new home.