With over 42.58 million renters in the U.S., the trend toward a more convenient, affordable, and low-stress lifestyle is steadily increasing. Those are the reasons over 50% of rental respondents gave for preferring renting over owning, and it kind of makes sense; not only are homes incredibly expensive, usually requiring a down payment of $10,000 or more in addition to sky-high monthly payments, but they’re also a hassle to maintain: if your washing machine breaks, you’re responsible for contacting a repairman; if your basement floods, you need to find a service to clean up the mess.

Which brings us to the age-old question: apartment or townhome? It all comes down to your budget and personal needs, so we’ll break down the various amenities and drawbacks to each.

  • Townhome: Although society is greatly shifting away from the perceived “normal” life (a.k.a., college, marriage, house, kids), townhouses can give you all the benefits of a home with less of the responsibilities — both financial and physical. You’ll have a yard, full kitchen, and a few bedrooms to call your own, yet someone will be close by to answer any questions and fulfill any needs you may have.

    Unfortunately, that last one is a double-edged sword; while having someone to turn to in emergency situations is nice, many townhome landlords are much more strict about allowing changes. They may prohibit nails in the walls or alterations to the garden due to their desire to keep the place in tip-top shape. And, although they’re cheaper than monthly mortgage payments, rental townhouses cost considerably more than apartments.


  • Apartments: The popularity of renting has caused more building owners to open their spaces up for renters, so it is exceptionally easy to find apartments for rent in Charleston WV, and, in fact, anywhere. The affordable monthly payments and casual use mean that you’re still able to tuck some money away in your savings and can call on your landlord for any problems that may arise.

    However, apartments have been traditionally used as “transition” living spaces, so trying to raise a family can be quite difficult in the tight and simple layouts. If you’re single or you and your significant other aren’t interested in children, however, they can make excellent long-term homes.

Your ideal living environment depends entirely on your individual needs. Whether you’re looking for apartments for rent in Charleston WV or townhomes in New York, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.